ZAGGkeys SOLO Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

The ZAGGkeys SOLO Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is maybe the most versatile accessory on the market. It is compatible with Apple’s iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Generation, as well as with a wide range of Android tablets and smartphones. ZAGGkeys SOLO keyboard features and technical details Bluetooth connection: easy to pair with any compatible […]

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iPod Touch 4 Luxe Lean Case

If you don’t need fancy, Japanese-style protection for your iPod Touch, you could consider getting a Luxe Lean case from iFrogz. It has a much smaller price and it still offers excellent protection, because it is made from injection-molded, super durable polycarbonate. Luxe Lean is a one-piece case, so it snaps on to get installed. […]

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Abee Aluminium Jacket Case For iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch is one of those personal gadgets you want with you when you travel. Thanks to its WiFi function, you can connect to the internet, search and book hotels, find information on the local weather or find your way on the map. Just because it is so useful in such tough conditions […]

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X-Mini II Capsule Speaker for iPod, iPhone and iPad

The X-Mini II Capsule Speaker is the second generation of X-Mini, a revolutionary speaker which was launched in 2008. The first version was great, but X-Mini II is even better, thanks to innovative features such as 11 hours of continuous playback battery life or the “Buddy Jack” system which allows connecting multiple X-Mini II capsule […]

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iPod Touch 2G & 3G Crystal Case

The iPod Touch Crystal case combines the solid protection of the polycarbonate with the slickest crystal-clear look, for keeping the iPod Touch safe without interfering with its elegance. Should you want to have your iPod personalized with a custom skin, you don’t have to worry, the skin will still be visible from beneath the Crystal […]

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ZAGG Dual USB Car Charger for iPad, iPhone and Other USB Devices

The dual USB car charger from ZAGG allows simultaneous charging of two devices, which is great when you’re traveling a lot by car and don’t want to carry too many chargers with you. We liked this ZAGG charger because it’s compact, convenient and reliable, so we recommend it for people who own multiple portable devices […]

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GelaSkins – Skins with Matching Wallpaper

GelaSkins are decorative and protective covers for various portable devices such as iPad, iPhone (and other cell phones), iPod (and other mp3 players), electronic book readers, gaming consoles or laptops. The difference between GelaSkins and other gadget skins is that each skin design comes with an associated desktop wallpaper, for an awesome personalization. Graphics range […]

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iPod Touch 2nd Gen Chrome Case with Mirror Screen Protector

The iPod Touch is an awesome device, but it is so exposed to scratches, especially if kept inside a purse together with sharp items. This is why it’s advisable to keep your iPod in a case or in a sleeve, even though you might like it better when it’s naked. Finding a really slim yet […]

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