iPhone 4 Portable Speaker System: Konnet Booming Lite Slim Edge

Listening to music on the iPhone feels better when using a portable speaker system.This is one of the cases when size matters: mobile phone speakers can’t deliver good sound quality because they have to be really small if we don’t want to carry brick-sized mobile phones. The Konnet Booming Lite Slim Edge is one of […]

On July 20, 2010, in iPhone Audio, by Accessorized Mod
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X-Mini II Capsule Speaker for iPod, iPhone and iPad

The X-Mini II Capsule Speaker is the second generation of X-Mini, a revolutionary speaker which was launched in 2008. The first version was great, but X-Mini II is even better, thanks to innovative features such as 11 hours of continuous playback battery life or the “Buddy Jack” system which allows connecting multiple X-Mini II capsule […]

On July 14, 2010, in iPad Audio, iPhone Audio, iPod Nano Audio, iPod Touch Audio, by Accessorized Mod
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ZAGG Smartbuds – Premium Sound for Gadget Lovers

ZAGGsmartbuds are multifunctional in-ear headphones that deliver a clear, perfectly balanced sound, thus conquering even the hearts of audiophiles, who are almost never happy with the quality of headphone speakers. The comfort features contribute to the high-quality audition as well. The cable doesn’t tangle, the jack and the earbuds are angled, the headphones come with […]

On July 13, 2010, in iPad Accessories, iPad Audio, iPhone Audio, by Accessorized Mod
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